Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivation Monday 826 : Three Things #1

Hey ladies!

I don't know about you, but for me Monday means a return to routine, and that can mean scrappy time with my husband and older son off doing their thing, but more often it just means playing catchup. I need some motivation to get in my scrap room, and today I am adding in some motivation to use things that are sometimes neglected.

On Friday I asked you all, and my 50 Projects group on Facebook, to list three things that you wish you used more. I got a ton of great responses, and would still love to hear from you if I haven't yet. For the next few weeks, every Monday I am going to issue a new challenge - to make a project with three of these things.

This week we're starting with some of the things that seemed to come up the most. Obviously you can use whatever else you want, and you can make a card, layout, PL page, altered item, whatever you like. But it must have:
* Stamps
* Chipboard (raw chipboard was mentioned specifically, but use what you have)
* 6x6 paper

I think this list is pretty well suited to a card, so I might do one card and one layout with it.

If you make a project, please link to it in the comments so we can all see, or post it to Facebook with MM826 in the description if you are part of 50P. And if you'd like to be a part of 50P, come join us!

Have fun!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday 823

It's Friday (well, it is here and even on the east coast it is for another hour), so that means it's time for a quick five minute challenge.

Set a timer for five minutes, and don't take any longer!

Today's challenge should actually take even less. Take a look around your scrap space and think about three types of supplies you wish you used more. Maybe it is that stack of 6x6 pads, or the stencils you bought but haven't tried. Maybe it is something you used to love but haven't used lately like brads or chipboard or ribbon. Or maybe it is something specific like boldly patterned paper or your small stash of purple. 

Think of three things and then PLEASE comment here with your list.

I am going to use them to help make the next few Motivation Monday challenges, but I might not use all of yours, so if your five minutes isn't up yet grab one or a handful from your list and set them out to use this week.

Have fun! And as always if this challenge inspires a project that you post, mention FMF823. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday : Repeating Shapes

Hey 50 Project Ladies (and anyone else who wants to play)!

For today's Motivation Monday, I challenge you to use repeating shapes. If you played along with Five Minute Friday, you may already have some die cut or punched shapes ready to go. As always, I like to leave these challenges pretty open ended so you have freedom to create something that is fun for you!

I think it is a great way to use up some scraps and maybe incorporate some more variety in color/pattern in your layout. It doesn't have to be shaped pieces of patterned paper - you could also use any other kind of shaped embellishment. Just make sure that the shape you choose is repeated several times on your project.

Here are some examples to inspire you!
First Time in a Hotel - Using hexagons, by Nicole Jones
Impossible - A video using circles to make a garland, by Maggiemylow
Celebrate the Good Times - Featuring various supplies for repeating circles, by Tabitha Triplett. This one is from my Facebook group so the link may not work unless you are a member.

There are tons of great layouts that feature this concept, and Nicole Jones is a master of it. So let's see what ya got!

You can certainly link in the comments here, and if you are a member of 50 Projects, upload in whatever way you normally share. I would love for you to put MM819 in the description so I know this challenge inspired you.

Thanks for playing!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

LO 30 : Easter Story (Scraptastic 8/13 I Found A Boy)

This is my fourth layout using the Scraptastic kit for August 2013 - I Found a Boy, plus the add-on I created using my stash.

Sorry the photo is a little crooked :)

Because it is technically an Easter layout, I wanted to bring in a bit more yellow so I added this narrow diagonal stripe for the background paper. It is actually a Tim and Beck exclusive from the Studio Calico Front Row (Jan 2013) kit.I also added some twine, two brads from MME Oxford lane, a camera wood veneer and obviously the ink from my stash, but everything else is from the Scraptastic kit or the add on I made for this month.

I knew I wanted to do a banner and the Ormolu exclusive pennants are perfect for it. These stamps are from the Classy Girls stamp set and the SU Island Indigo ink stamped beautifully! A few brads, some enamel dots, and some wood veneers helped to add interest. I wanted to sew the buttons on and use them to hold the twine but I am button+twine challenged. I don't have the right size needle - big enough to thread the twine and small enough to go through button holes - so it was a nightmare! I sewed on one and the other is just stuck on with a glue dot. Shh don't tell! I didn't add pot dots so they may end up flat, but for now the ends have some dimension because I curled them up with my fingers. 

This little cluster wasn't supposed to include the striped paper, but that camera veneer was still wet with ink when I put it on the page, and I got my fingers all inky. I usually heat set inked veneers but it was late and I forgot. So that striped paper is covering the huge inky fingerprint I left behind. Oops. See? Misadventures in papercrafting would have been a better title for my blog. Seriously.

I used a square of the Triples paper for a journaling spot, and one of the Elle's Studio cut aparts for the key details and part of that right side embellishment cluster. The "Story" in the title is a die cut which I think is from Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm.

This is my 30th layout and the 4th with this kit. My goal is 10 for this month.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

50 Projects - What is it?

If you are coming here from one of my 50 Projects challenges, hi! It's good to see you! You totally don't  need to read this.

For everyone else, welcome :). Let me tell you a little story about a scrapbooker who bought so much it started to become a hobby of collecting instead of creating, and how she started to change that.

Back in March, I did a really silly thing. I added up everything I had purchased that month. Whoa. When I regained consciousness, I decided something really did need to change. Especially since I was scrapbooking, but not really that much. To be fair, I was still working on building up a stash so I had options for my pages, but having a nice collection of supplies doesn't (or at least shouldn't) happen overnight, and you don't need an entire store to make a decent page. Around this same time, GinaBeth mentioned that she really should make 100 layouts before she shops again, and a lightbulb went off. I felt like 100 layouts would be overwhelming, at least for me, and I do PL style scrapbooking and cardmaking too. So I put it all together and 50 projects was born.

At its inception,  50 Projects was a challenge to make 50 projects (betcha didn't see that coming) before shopping for anything but essentials. I always made exceptions for folks in kit clubs and no one was flogged with a wet noodle for falling off the wagon, but that was the goal. I started it on a scrappy message board but before too long also started the Facebook group to make it available to more people.

) What is a project?
Anything you want it to be. Any 12x12 layout, one divided page protector (Project Life), a card, or even editing and ordering a large batch of photos or an organizational project using your supplies. It's not a contest so you need to think about your own goals.
I personally do not count individual PL cards as projects, my normal weekly photo ordering, or simply cleaning off my desk, but it is up to you!

2) If I participate does that mean spending NO money?Not necessarily. I have always allowed for photos and adhesive. I currently subscribe to a monthly kit club, but I do not order any add-ons.
The real goals are to get creating and to not use shopping to fill that desire to be creative. So you define it in a way that works for you.

3) Who can join?
Anyone who does papercrafting and wants some motivation.

Since then, with over 400 people participating, I have added a few other challenges to the mix. Partly that's because I don't think I need to make 50 between every shopping trip, and I want people to stick around and become part of the community after the first round.

I still wholeheartedly believe that making an attempt at 50 projects when you first start is incredibly valuable. It taught me a lot about how much (or little) product it takes to make that many projects. It kept me motivated to turn off my internet, get off my booty and into my scrap room. It helped me create when I felt like playing with pretty supplies, instead of shopping for more just because it was an easy fix. It is still a process for me, but it was a big step toward realizing the difference between what I like and what I will use.

And if 50 projects makes you feel defeated before you even start, maybe one of these other challenges is a better fit for you. They're all a part of the 50 Projects umbrella, and can be joined through the same Facebook group. The keys to any of the challenges are to track your progress (keeping a tally makes every project a success), get involved in a community for inspiration and encouragement, and celebrate your successes while forgetting your failures. That's why I encourage you to join the group, start counting, and only start over if you trip up if that's what you want to do.

Make Your Month - You give a number of projects you want to complete this month. If you don't make it, you don't shop until you hit that number. In theory this would limit spending to one time a month too. (When you post an update or a layout just add MYM #/#) 

Crush a Kit 
- You have a goal to crush (or kill) a kit before you shop again. You can define what that means, but I think that "no full sheets of paper" is a minimum. This can be from a kit club or one you make yourself. You should still keep track of how many projects you are completing.  (When you post an update or a layout just add CAK #) 

Name Your Number - If 50 is too much, or too little, this challenge allows you to name the number of projects that YOU think you should complete before shopping again. Unlike Make Your Month, this challenge can take as much or as little time as you need.  (When you post an update or a layout just add NYN #/#) 

So I invite you to give it a shot! Comment here, or join the Facebook group. Stop collecting a stash and start creating with it.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday: August 16, 2013

Hey ladies!

Some of you are probably coming here from my Facebook group, 50 Projects. If you haven't heard of the Facebook group, you should check it out! Soon I plan to write a blog post about the challenges I host in the group too, but for now there is a pinned post on Facebook that explains it.

I haven't been so great about doing it regularly, but I hope to get back to doing a five minute challenge every Friday. I can't remember where I left off, so if you post a project that stems from this challenge, just reference FMF816. Read through all the directions before you start, but don't think too much before starting your timer.

Here's the deal:
1) Get a timer, set it for five minutes. You can take less time but you can NOT take more.
2) Grab some scraps. Aim for your smaller scraps, but something at least 2"x2" probably. It will help if they coordinate a bit but don't worry too much. Remember you only have five minutes! You can always use the results on different projects.
3) Grab a punch, die, your trimmer or your scissors and get to work. You can do squares, triangles, butterflies, hexagons, hearts, whatever you like. Use different patterns, but repeat the same shape.
4) Use them on a project some time this week. ***Hint - the Motivation Monday challenge this week is to use repeated shapes, so you may want to use these shapes for that. Otherwise, put them on a card, make them into a border, create some layered embellishments. The sky's the limit. :)

Have fun!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

LO 29 : 100% Without a Doubt All Boy On the Move (Scraptastic 8/13 I Found A Boy)

This is my third layout using the Scraptastic kit for August 2013 - I Found a Boy, plus the add-on I created using my stash.

The background paper is the only paper which is in both the official add-on and the one I created. I bought it because I fell in love with the arrows at the bottom and I knew I wanted to feature them. Flipping through my stack of photos to scrap, this one caught my eye and I thought the colors and forward motion were a great fit.

Almost everything on this page is from the kit and add-on. I added some stamping ink and markers, the green polka dot from Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook line, the bicycle sticker from SS I Heart Summer, and two enamel dots because I needed orange and aqua. That's it!

Because I wanted to emphasize the arrows printed on the background, I decided to outline everything. That's 2 out of the last 3 layouts, but I think I like it. I need more practice to make it look neater.

I did a lot of stamping on this layout, all from the I Found a Boy stamp set. The top border was done using Memento Tuxedo Black, which I then colored in with Spectrum Noir markers. I purposefully didn't worry about being too exact, because I liked the sketchy look. I used the same stamp for the O in Move, but inked only one circle using the Memento ink pen.

The arrows at the bottom were individually inked with that same method, using Stampin Up markers. I added enamel dots to a few of the arrows to add interest.

I used pop dots to create a bit of dimension, and decided to make the 100% All Boy stamp part of my title.

Cork, more enamel dots, a branding strip and some die cuts finish it off.

This was my 29th 12x12 layout, the 3rd from this kit - my goal is to complete 10.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, they are always appreciated!