Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday : Repeating Shapes

Hey 50 Project Ladies (and anyone else who wants to play)!

For today's Motivation Monday, I challenge you to use repeating shapes. If you played along with Five Minute Friday, you may already have some die cut or punched shapes ready to go. As always, I like to leave these challenges pretty open ended so you have freedom to create something that is fun for you!

I think it is a great way to use up some scraps and maybe incorporate some more variety in color/pattern in your layout. It doesn't have to be shaped pieces of patterned paper - you could also use any other kind of shaped embellishment. Just make sure that the shape you choose is repeated several times on your project.

Here are some examples to inspire you!
First Time in a Hotel - Using hexagons, by Nicole Jones
Impossible - A video using circles to make a garland, by Maggiemylow
Celebrate the Good Times - Featuring various supplies for repeating circles, by Tabitha Triplett. This one is from my Facebook group so the link may not work unless you are a member.

There are tons of great layouts that feature this concept, and Nicole Jones is a master of it. So let's see what ya got!

You can certainly link in the comments here, and if you are a member of 50 Projects, upload in whatever way you normally share. I would love for you to put MM819 in the description so I know this challenge inspired you.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Do my fish count LOL!!! I cut 12 or 13 fish from my cameo for the 6x6 class to use as a border....that is definitely a repeat and just a little fishy!!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply - my wrist injury is wreaking havoc with my computer time.
      Yes, of course your fish count! That is perfect. :)


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